A'DAM&Co. is a Fellowship starting with 360 leading figures drawn from Amsterdam ' s creative industries. * Movers & shakers, dreamers & doers, & friends who havent ' with yet. A'DAM&Co. offers invite-only membership. Club members are Initially nominated by an existing member - and then there is a round table discussion around a square table by a secretive comittee famed for enjoying cigars and aged leather (and no, that ' s not an euphemism). Rumor has it That it is easier to join the Yellowstone Club or solve a Rubik ' s Cube.Luckily, there is a pretty simple guideline for membership: " Be Nice " . 
Apart from having to have your share of creativity, cache or curves to get your foot in the door, members are encouraged to contribute to the programming, & share & like in the old-fashioned way.


Members under 35:  € 495, - (ex VAT) 
Members over 35:  € 785, - (ex VAT) 


Members under 35: € 41.25 - (ex VAT) 
Members over 35: € 65.40 - (ex VAT)
A’DAM&Co. members may enjoy exclusive access to the 18th Floor of A’DAM Toren, & member events from live music performances to cultural talks, film screenings, Q&A sessions & the occasional poetry session.
Perks of membership also include 25% reduction on the hiring of the 18th Floor for private parties -  & special privileges on a range of activities in A'DAM Tower. 


* Among the members of A'DAM&Co. you'll find actors, architects, advertising gurus, art directors, artists, cultural curators, designers, writers, fashion designers, museum directors, photographers, record executives and swag-lords. There is even an ex-priest, a bee-keeper & a Fedora aficionado.