Overhoeksplein 3, 1031 KS Amsterdam

Telephone: +31 (0) 20 237 6312

or e-mail: 



In general, A'DAM&Co. is open from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays the club is closed, so members can hire the venue for private events. The club is always closed on Christmas, King’s Day, Mother's Day, Ascension (May 5), 2nd Pentecost (June 5), or when Slash swings by.


Monday to Wednesday: 9AM to 1AM 

Thursday & Friday: 9AM to 1AM

Saturday: 12PM to 1AM

Sunday: closed  


Caution: A’DAM&Co. can always extend its opening hours & activate its 24-hour license – so please top-up the babysitter & the parking meter. 





General manager & daredevil to the max


Amber wanted to become a rockstar, but she decided to stick to the 18th floor after a tour in the renovation phase. To this day she marvels at the view. As a manager, she enjoys keeping the club (in)stable. Shaken at the Hogere Hotel School, but stirred by fine wine & outdoor festivals. Once waved at her colleagues on the 8th floor, from the window cleaner's platform.


In charge of: program & policy & daily affairs. 




Operations manager & perfect son in law


Optimist & devoted host in heart & soul. Jumped aboard at the start of the 'temporary Tower era'. Rumor has it, he danced hand in hand with strangers on the green sofa, during the one-year anniversary party. Enjoys thinking in solutions & in cocktails, preferably at the same time. Is proud of A'DAM&Co. as meeting space extraordinaire. Does not play any instruments, but did climb the Rinjani volcano in Lombok. Wearing flip-flops.


In charge of: amenities & reservations & hospitality.





Head of memberships & manic dress collector


No secrets to be found here, Jessica is an open book that you can flip through indefinitely. Studied Business Administration with a capital B. Had her mind set on a position at A'DAM&Co. & decided to conquer her spot. Enjoys bringing fascinating people together. Treats her outfits like her passwords: with many surprising characters.


In charge of: memberships & sponsorships & member referrals.





Head of communications & Spanish-speaking wonderchild


Won the Tower over with a beautiful letter. Lara finds herself in both bizarre & exciting situations, thanks to her curiosity. But she always ensures a soft landing, wherever she falls. A'DAM&Co.'s private pilot in the communications cockpit. Is allowed to use the title 'Master', but prefers 'Laar'. Her time in Spain left her with a muy caliente accent.


In charge of: social media & marketing & communication.


Photos: Kirsten van Santen